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13 Motivational Quotes For Your Unstoppable Life

Do you ever feel like you’re a hamster in a wheel, running as fast as you can, but going absolutely no where? Do you feel overwhelmed and over-extended? Is your life pulling you in a million different directions? It’s crazy, right? Once upon a time I was that person who was overwhelmed, stressed to the […]

Love is All You Need {or is it?}

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I Swore I Would Never Get Married Again…But Guess What Happened?

Your divorce diploma is still fresh. The anger and bitterness rip through you like a terrible case of food poisoning. The last thing on your mind is getting married again. A few years go by. You start to date. Maybe you’re serious about someone. And maybe you’re a little gun shy about tying the knot […]

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10 Inspiring Quotes for a Happy Marriage

Do you want to know what the secret is to a long and happy marriage? Maybe the love of your life just proposed. Maybe you’ve just recently said “I do,” or maybe you’ve been hitched for a few years now. With the divorce rates high and stable in the United States, most married couples want […]

Your Happy, Healthy Life


10 Whacky Myths About Yoga

When I say “yoga,” you think _________________? When I began my yoga practice way back in 2002, most of my friends simply responded with “is that where you tie yourself up in a knot?” Even today, myths about yoga abound. I hear things like: “I can’t touch my toes.” “I need to lose weight first.” […]

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Confessions of a To-Do List Queen

Is Your To Do List Out of Control? Check This Out!

Has your to do list lost its oomph? Is it more overwhelming than effective? Have no fear! I’ve got six awesome strategies that will help you reclaim control of a to do list that’s running amok. Because let’s face it…sometimes our to do lists have to do lists. It’s as if they mate and spawn […]

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What Would Wonder Woman Do?

Wonder Woman’s been on my mind a lot lately. It’s not everyday I’m deep in thought about a comic book super hero but as long as she’s hanging out with me, I figured I might as well write what she wants me to write. Damn voices in my head. The Myth of Having It All […]