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Feeling Irritable? Take 10 Deep Breaths


I rolled out my yoga mat. I sat in a comfortable seated position. I stood up. I sat back down. I had ants in my pants. And then I heard from nowhere in particular, “take 10 deep breaths.”

The Amazing Power of Letting Go So You Can Move Forward

Let GoMove Forward

When you hurt beyond hurt. And it feels like your heart has shattered into a thousand tiny pieces. The dream of your life obliterated when you found out he’d been sleeping with someone else. You curl up on the floor, knees pulled inside your chest, tears spilling down your face. How easier it would be to die for surely dying wouldn’t hurt so much. But you don’t really want to die. You just want the pain to stop stabbing you from the inside out.

11 Life Freeing Lessons I Learned From the Breast Cancer Beast

breast cancer freedom

The threat of you being diagnosed with breast cancer is very real. Next to skin cancer #breastcancer is the second most common cancer in women. According to the National Cancer Institute: 232,670 new cases of breast cancer were estimated in 2014 40,000 women were estimated to die from breast cancer in 2014 Breast cancer accounts […]

The Myths and Truths About Yoga and Metabolism

yoga and metabolism

Today’s guest post is from Brittany Costa an author over at Yoga is a great way to shape muscles and allow the mind to relax – but can it really burn calories and increase the rate of your metabolism? In the world of fitness, there are tons of ways to get moving, sweating, and […]

Move Forward: The Year of Stretching and Growing

Good-bye 2014HELLO

Think back to this same time 365 days ago. Are you the same person you were then? Click To Tweet I’d bet good money you’re not. I know I’m definitely not the same person I was when this year started. Why’s that? You might wonder. Let me take you back to where I was and […]

Shake It Off! 5 Quick Tips to Help YOU Destress This Christmas

Peace Love Ease

Did you catch yourself swearing at the driver who just snagged the parking spot you’ve been waiting patiently for? Are your barking at the kids? Your honey? Your dog? Do you feel like your head is about to explode because there’s simply too much to do and not enough time in your day? Are you […]

The World’s Best Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies Evah!

Homemade cookies...YUMMO!

While I’m on vacation (because someone needs to be), I thought I’d share my absolute favoritest cookie recipe with you. Because cookies are good for you. They make you feel warm and fuzzy. Okay. Okay. They make me feel warm and fuzzy.  Do you like banana bread? …with chocolate chips? …and walnuts? Are you drooling […]