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Dear Fear_1

Dear Fear – Shut the Hell Up

Your fear grows exponentially every single time you allow it to win. Click To Tweet Whatever is bothering you, has you up all night ruminating on this, that, and world peace, will keep gnawing at you until you face it head on. Fear loves to stalk you prey on you stress you out cause anxiety […]

Be You

Better Than Being Popular

It keeps repeating this message of conformity How to crack an egg like the experts 10 Ways to please your man before 8AM Increase your blog traffic in 3 simple steps Even I got caught up in it writing headlines that sell (okay, I’ll keep that one) Writing to fit a hack formula in the […]

It Doesn't Matter What They'll Think of You

It Doesn’t Matter What They’ll Think of You

You said ‘yes’ too much until you had to say ‘no.’ Saying ‘no’ scared you because it was hard terrifying traumatizing You made a mountain out of a grain of sand saying ‘no’ for the first time you thought you’d be a disappointing disaster a pariah a leper a parasite You thought no one would […]

Pause. Breathe. Relax.

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