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How to Fill Your Life With JOY (My Book is Published!)

Do you remember what it’s like to feel that excitement and eager anticipation of opening up presents on Christmas morning? Do you remember how many loop-de-loops your stomach made just imagining the goodies Santa left under the tree? That’s exactly how I feel right now and think we still have 8 or 9 Fridays before […]

Blame is Lame

Blame is Lame (and a Huge Waste of Time, Energy, and Effort)

I know it’s easy to blame someone or something else for why you haven’t written your book, painted your masterpiece, or pursued your next job promotion. Blame is how you soothe yourself and lull yourself into a false sense security. You’re safe inside your comfort zone. Only… Blame is lame. It’s a cover-up so you […]

Pause. Breathe. Relax.

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